Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Emil Chronicle Online ending service on 31 Aug 2017

I'm not sure how many of us here will see this post, or is still playing, but GungHo has decided to draw the curtains on ECO.

No, it's true. After more than 10 years of service, ECO will be closing its servers on 31 Aug 2017: ゲームサービス終了のお知らせ

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Many thanks and about the furniture on our ring base

It's been a while since I posted anything here and to be honest I don't know how many would read this too.

*sees date on previous post*

Oh dear, that was almost exactly two years ago.

I'll like to start by thanking Puss, Ganz and other ring members who have kept the base up and running for so long. Without your dedication, the effort that has been put into it would have long gone to waste.

That said, it's a matter of time before the upkeep cost overwhelms us again. Just in case, I've taken almost every furniture on deck into safe-keeping and compiled a list of which is whose:

Base deck
塀(木製)9---脱退者---Onsen walls, Trass'?
さっぱりシャワー2---脱退者---Onsen's, Trass'?
Ring castle interior
Most likely belong to Trass, Ilu and/or Veil

削除済みキャラ ("deleted character") is most likely Ganz since he's the only one I know who doesn't give too much thought to deleting his characters ^^;;;. Another possibility would be Lazy. If I'm not wrong, he deleted his Melonpan archer, didn't he?

---脱退者--- are those who have left the ring or have been taken out. Mostly old Revelations folks like Trass, Ilu, Veil, Psyche etc.

Madison is Shnao. Has anyone heard from him lately btw?

If anyone wants their stuff back, please leave me a PM in game or a message here. I'll log in at least once or twice every month in any case =3

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not-so-new Event! ムツキの頼みごと (Ends 29 Jan 2015)

Err.... Sorry for the ultra-late post <_<. I guess by the time this comes out, most would have completed the event by themselves >_>

For those who haven't and would like to have a go at it (the rewards are quite nice imho) though, here's the guide =3

Image has no relevance to this post except that this is also Mutsuki and besides, she's cute =3

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Event! ロウゲツの思い出 (20 Nov 2014 ~ 25 Dec 2014)

Strange that the Christmas events would end on Christmas itself ^^;;;

The Rougetsu quest is frankly speaking very easy. There's a lot of running around to do, but even these are restricted solely to Tiny Island =3

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DEM 101 – Introduction to Machines

The purpose of the DEM 101 guides is to motivate people to enjoy what many think as an exclusive IM class or a high complexity (and some even say it is unnecessary) customization.
Starting with the basic, DEM (Deux Ex Machina) are a race by themselves, not a class. As for the background they are from a world that was consumed already so we, DEM, started invading Dominion World.

DEM Equipment:

DEM can't survive in human form, all stats will get reduced to 5 even if your build is 120 on all stats. Transformation is vital and transformation has its own slots for specific DEM equipment which
can be bought from NPC (Using exp), IM or quests. There are basically two types of Machina Form. Unit Form and Set Form. Unit Forms are cannot be possessed while Set Forms can.

[L: DEM in Human Form / M : DEM in Unit Form / R : DEM in Set Form]

After a few Saga updates DEM were not only enemies but they became allies with other races thanks to Emil's harem and we were able to play as DEM since Saga 10.

About “leveling: Just to be clear, the reason why I decided to quote “leveling” is because we don't acquire exp to level up, also leveling up is not going to give you any stat / skill. DEM can't level with exp but our capacity to grow stronger increases.

About leveling: DEM level will increase the number of slots you can use to customize your character. DEM use panels which are composed by slots that can be filled with either status or skill chips. Leveling requires EP, to get EP you can fulfill quests or events, certain amounts of EP will get you CL, CL is the max number of slots available as a total on all your panels.

Panels: Each DEM can obtain up to 6 panels (1-6) from leveling and 2 (Alpha and Beta )from IM / CP. Each panel has a max capacity of 81 CL, which makes a total of 486 CL from the first 6 panels and 162 from the Alpha and Beta panels.

Chips: Can be obtained by using exp you gain from training or from IM. Chips can only be equipped with certain NPC, to setup a chip you only have to click on the list on the right and release on the position you are going to use for it. Red colored chips are for stats, blue colored chips are skills and green colored are limitation chips.

  • Status Chips: This kind of chip can use from 1 to 5 slots in different shapes (Hooray tetris!). The amount of stats it can add varies from 1 to 3, and it depends on its rank. The higher the rank the higher the stat and the lower the number of slots you will use -also more expensive-. There is a limit of 10 chips of the same kind on your configuration.
Example: Using 10 chips of the same type that adds +1 STR but is called STR-S1-1 is the limit you have for it, but you can always use any other +1 STR chip that has a different name, for example 10 STR-S1-1 and 10 chips STR-C1-1 is an allowed combination.
Reminder: The cap for every stat type is 120, if you go over that your stat will not increase and you will end up wasting slots.

  • Skill Chips: Not much different from Status Chips, skill chips can occupy more slots than the status ones, but can be stacked, reducing the slots used in order to max a skill. DEM have both passive and active skills but lacks the production and knowledge skills, making them basically killer machines.

To stack a skill chip you just have to release it over the chip that was already equipped, as long as they are from the same type it will enhance the level of the skill.

  • Engage Tasks: This is a special kind of chip, moving it into a panel will cost you 1 EP, once on the panel you can move it freely. There is a max of 2 engage tasks on each page, and its effect is to double the chips that are around it. Lets say we equip a Quick Slash 1 Chip, that means you will learn Quick Slash at level 1.

This is +3 STR
Now by setting an Engage Task chip Next to the +3 STR on the same panel, the effect gets doubled!
This is +6 STR

It also affects skills, if you set a Quick Slash chip next to the Engage Task, you will end up getting Quick Slash Lv 2.

This image displays where a engage task will affect a chip.

  • Limitation Chips: This are the ones that basically define your DEM style, this is a special kind of chip which you can only use one for all your panels. It's effects varies depending on the type, it highly enhances by several points your HP, SP, MP and base stats. .

F – Chips: Focused on Fighter Types.
S – Chips: Focused on Spell Users.
E – Chips: Focused on Backpackers.

Haxness Fact 1: A single one of this can be as high as 700m base and job exp (700,000,000 Pururu /o/). For example the FB-3-3 chip will make you a swift assassin, providing you with +310% HP, +90% MP, +180% SP, 27 STR, 20 DEX, 17 INT, 15 VIT, 28 AGI and 3 MAG.

Haxness Fact 2: Limitation chip effects can also be enhanced with Engage Tasks.

That will be all for now, I'll be posting new guides for DEM every once in a while.

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Event! シモツキと解毒のための料理 (23 Oct 2014 ~ 20 Nov 2014)

Sorry for the late post. This event is mostly quite simple; the only bothersome part would be getting the mushrooms needed towards the end.

Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Autumn event! With DFC~ 黒羽の矢が立つ芸術祭

So following Spring's Minnie and Summer's Loki events, we now have the Autumn event fea. DFC! All hail! \o/

That said, this event has a tight schedule. So let's get down to business quickly. Also, be reminded that all timing stated here follows Japan Standard Time.